Sustainability Report 2012 - page 5

Environment - Social - Governance - Community
We are delighted to introduce our first external
Sustainability Report as a demonstration of our
commitment to the principles of sustainable
development in our business and in service of the
community as a whole.
The publication of our first external Sustainability
Report represents a key milestone in the story of CCC.
We have been gradually building up to this point
for the last two years and are happy to reach this
healthy position establishing our commitment as a
responsible corporate citizen.
The measurements reflect our baseline data collected
for the year 2012.
The report has been compiled using the general
guidelines specified by the Global Reporting
Initiative (GRI) and we believe it represents a
balanced and reasonable presentation of our
sustainability story.
In order to identify and prioritize the
Sustainability focus themes, this
report was developed collectively
and cooperatively involving and
invoking a range of perspectives
from the executive management,
operational management and
technical and commercial staff
from a variety of levels, sites
and countries.
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