Sustainability Report 2012 - page 51

We strongly believe in fair competition and
transparency in the construction industry.
Our thrust upon the matter is reflected
though our commitment to the United
Nations Convention Against Corruption
as well as the World Economic Forum -
Partnering Against Corruption Initiative
(PACI) Principles.
Specifically, as a member of the World
Economic Forum’s International
Partnering Against Corruption Initiative
we actively follow two fundamental
• A zero tolerance policy towards bribery,
• A practical and effective anti-corruption
In the above-mentioned Code of Practice
we have included our Anti-Corruption
declaration demonstrating our
commitment to stamping out corruption
from our global business. We also have
internal and external auditing systems
in place and management monitoring
procedures to ensure the prevention of
We have developed our own “Ethics
& Anti-Corruption Program” (EACP)
(available in English & in Arabic) which
covers all related aspects including
commitments, declarations and whistle
blowing procedures. Implementation of
the EACP is mandatory across the Group
and is monitored by senior management.
We also have in place internal controls
which ensure business is done in a
transparent way. Specifically, our
company is set up in such a way that every
department is obliged to follow standard
procedures, hence making it harder for
corruption activities to occur.
In order to discourage any corruption
incidents, internal memos are frequently
distributed clearly defining the legal
consequences employees might face for
participating in subject activities.
Our goal for the future is to intensify our
anti-corruption training sessions, in order
to increase awareness of the staff on the
importance of fighting corruption.
Consolidated Contractors Group S.A.L. | Sustainability Report 2012
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