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The building and construction industry uses more rawmaterials per year
than many other sectors, specifically 3 billion tons of rawmaterials at a
global level, which equals to 40% of the total worldwide use*.
CCC recognizes its responsibility and strives to use rawmaterials sensibly
and reduce material losses.
* According to the U.S. Green Building Council (last updated in 2013)
Examples of the various measures being applied across CCC to date, include:
• Promoting the use of materials which have a reduced impact on resource depletion.
• Increasing the use of environmentally compatible materials.
• Encouraging the careful sourcing and selection of building materials.
• Maximizing the use of recycled materials.
• Enhancing the adoption of “green” construction materials as early as in the design stage.
In 2013, our projects below reported that an encouraging percentage of the materials used are of recycled input.
%of Constr. Materials used
that are of recycled input
APLNG Pipelines (Australia)
Dukham Highway (Qatar)
Qatar Faculty of Islamic Studies (Qatar)
Sadara CHEM III Hydrogen Peroxide Unit (Saudi Arabia)
Galkynysh Gas Field Development (Turkmenistan)
We focus our efforts on careful material selection and using more
efficient ways of handling materials.
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