Sustainability Report 2016 - page 79

Abeer Afshi
Joined CCC in:
Sept 2014,
Sr. Sustainability Administrator,
Riyadh Metro Project,
Riyadh Saudi Arabia
• What attracted you to join CCC?
Apart from CCC’s leading construction position,
during my application and interaction with CCC
management, I saw plenty of opportunities to
contribute whilst developing my personal and
professional skills. Being a Saudi woman eager to
emphasize the importance of increasing female
participation in the workspace was an important
factor in influencing my decision to join CCC.
• What have you been involved in during your
presence in CCC?
I am responsible for coordinating a wide range of
activities related to LEED requirements as well as
organizing sustainability awareness campaigns
and training programs. Also, as a Stewardship
Committee member I participate in community-
based programs, led by local NGO INJAZ.
• What knowledge, skills and experience have you
Besides advancing my interpersonal skills, I have
gained greater background knowledge about
Green Building standards (especially LEED) and
generally the technical aspects of sustainability.
• Can you give a personal example of sustainability
in your department?
Our department initiated a “No-printing policy” to
increase reliance on digital documents. As part of
this, other departments were encouraged to “go
paperless” at least once a week.
• How can CCC improve and become more
Exchanging knowledge and expertise is crucial.
For example, it would be beneficial to collect
Sustainability lessons learned from CCC projects
and share them throughout the company in order
to motivate employees and replicate successful
• What is your message about sustainability and
gender equality in the region and industry?
CCC should continue capitalizing on the
sustainability momentum (growing list of certified
green buildings in MENA) and aggressively
incorporate relevant practices into all projects
and operations. Regarding gender equality
within business contexts, the Saudi Vision 2030,
demonstrates a visionary transformation in
providing equal opportunities. CCC is taking
up this issue at the right moment and people
including myself are looking forward to these
initiatives and empowerments with high
expectation and confidence.
Abeer Afshi
Dana Mahboobeh
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