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Consolidated Contractors Group S.A.L. | Sustainability Report
Corporate Structure
Corporate Values
CCC’s organizational structure is defined through
the Board of Directors which is the company’s
supreme governing body. Adhering to the principles
of sound corporate governance, the Board oversees
the Group’s organisation and management of
business. CCC’s Board members serve as trustees
and custodians of the company’s assets and with
their strategic decisions ensure the development
and continuous growth of CCC’s services, markets
and finances.
Since its founding, CCC has experienced steady
expansion in both numerical and geographical
terms. Our corporate culture has evolved over
the years and is defined by an uncompromising
commitment to CCC’s “Core Values, Guiding
Principles and Code of Practice”.
CCC’s core values include:
• Safety, health and environmental protection.
• Quality of work
• Responsibility and accountability
• Recognition of others in the achievement of
corporate goals
• Respect for local cultural issues on all its projects
• Ethical behavior, integrity, honesty and fairness
• Sustainability and planning for the long-term
good of the company, employees and the local
communities where projects are located
Encompassing the fundamental elements of CCC’s
family culture and the ten principles of the UN
Global Compact, our core values outline the way
we conduct ourselves and make decisions. They
describe how all CCC employees are expected
to perform their day to day business duties, in
line with the highest standards of personal and
professionally integrity. Clearly communicating the
correct and ethical behaviors all employees should
follow, our values ensure that CCC operates in a
responsible and legitimate manner.
CCC’s “Core Values, Guiding Principles and Code
of Practice” booklet was republished in 2014 and
distributed to all CCC locations. It is available in
English and Arabic while it can also be downloaded
from CCC’s website. Throughout our operations and
projects, all employees must read the “Core Values,
Guiding Principles and Code of Practice” and adhere
to the practices it presents.
We trust that faithful adherence to our Core
Values ensures CCC’s profitable growth
and value creation for the communities we
We strongly believe that sound corporate
governance significantly impacts a
company’s long term success and is pivotal
for good business prospects.
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