Sustainability Report 2012 - page 18

Since 2011 a major eco-friendly scheme has been
developed in CCC offices in Abu Dhabi (EPSO).
In line with CCC’s belief and commitment to
natural resources conservation, the 3R’s-“Reduce-
ReUse-Recycle” initiative was launched. The 3R’s
initiative is governed by CCC’s sustainability pillars;
Economy, Society and the Environment and aims to
accomplish efficient use of resources and zero waste.
The implementation strategy for achieving the 3R’s
initiative goals has been based on the following
• Waste minimization can be achieved in an ef-
ficient way by focusing primarily on the first of
the 3Rs, “reduce” followed by “reuse” and then
“recycle”, so the fundamental idea should be using
resources efficiently and implementing reduction
reduce| reuse| recycle
As already indicated, for CCC, safeguarding the natural environment is a key priority. As a
construction company considerable amounts of waste are inevitably being produced, thus posing
the issue of resource protection once again.
For year 2012, our excavation waste was 1,100,000 tons, while nearly 17% of construction related
waste is being reused.
We have established this as our basis. Our goal is to reduce the projects’ amount of waste sent to
landfill and ultimately in the long-term diverting our worldwide projects’ waste away from landfill.
We are confident this target will be met by implementing an enhanced construction waste
management plan, which will segregate waste and appoint the alternative destination substituting
At the moment, to guarantee a working environment that is eco-friendly and safe, we maintain a
well-organized waste management system. Before a project is undertaken we examine the waste-
related environmental implications and risk factors in order to identify the potential environmental
impact of our operations, and to avoid any serious environmental hazards. Our waste strategy, also
concentrates on controlling materials through the implementation of a consistent corporate plan
that includes inspection of waste transportation and disposal vendors, tracking and characterizing
waste streams, and implementing detailed internal control procedures such as training, auditing,
material handling, and storage best practices.
Consolidated Contractors Group S.A.L. | Sustainability Report 2012
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