Corporate Social Responsibility
Corporate Social Responsibility
CCC Core Value: Commitment to the Community
Approach and Commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility

CCC’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) philosophy originated from the Founders’ strong belief that the Company has an obligation towards its stakeholders including employees, clients, partners, subcontractors, and society at large. To achieve continuous business success, CCC believes in the significance of having a solid commitment to corporate responsibility. Maximizing the Company’s profits has always come second to human development, employee wellbeing and social investment in the communities where CCC has an operational presence.

CCC’s CSR approach is guided by the Company’s core ethical values and principles which focus on integrity, transparency, and fairness in managing its business affairs and in its relationship with stakeholders including its employees who are considered to be an asset and the driving force behind its achievements and thriving business.

Throughout the history of CCC the culture of giving and philanthropic deeds have been at the forefront and have played a key role in the Company’s success and prosperity. Even before the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) became popular in the business world and before the establishment of the CSR department, CCC’s continued humanitarian giving was embedded in the Founders’ beliefs and values.

To address its commitment to improving people’s quality of life and standards of living, CCC became a signatory of the UN Global Compact (UNGC) on March 1, 2001. CCC supports the ten principles of the UN Global Compact pertaining to human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption and strives to use the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the UN Global Compact as its guide in developing corporate social responsibility initiatives and projects that will improve the wellbeing of communities in which it operates. Even though CCC’s philanthropy started a long time before the existence of the CSR Department, the department’s establishment in 2017 was to reinforce CCC’s Founders’ belief in giving back to society and making it a safer and better place to live in.

CSR Mission

The mission of the CSR Department is to build on CCC’s philanthropic culture, improve the welfare of its employees, and enhance the long term economic and social sustainability of communities where CCC conducts its business. The CSR Department is committed to bettering the livelihood of communities by designing programs and initiatives that address their concerns and needs.

CSR Corporate Vision and Strategy

CCC’s Corporate Social Responsibility Department (CSR) undertakes the role of “Corporate Citizenship” to ensure that business values and behaviour are aligned to balance between improving and developing the company’s business as well as improving the quality of life of its workforce, their families, local communities and societies at large.

Its corporate giving strategy is to improve the social and economic livelihood of marginalized and underprivileged communities. Its strategy and community development will include financial support and in-kind contribution in the form of volunteerism in areas where CCC possesses expertise and leverage. CCC will focus on the following themes of crucial importance and which are in line with the UN Compact Sustainable Development Goals of the UN Global Compact:

  • Education, Capacity Building and Employment Creation
  • Health
  • Science, Technology and Innovation
  • Humanitarian Aid and Relief
CSR Initiatives and Projects

In all areas of operation CCC’s CSR commitment manifests itself through programs of corporate citizenship ensuring that business decisions balance between contributing to company growth and improving the quality of life for employees, their families, communities and societies at large. Carrying on in the footsteps of its founders, CCC believes that business should be conducted in a manner that will benefit the local and global communities where CCC operates. CCC has engraved its humanitarian and philanthropic footprints in support of social development, health and education in every country or area that CCC had operated or passed through. In line with CCC Values, Guiding Principles & Code of Conduct, CCC is committed to working closely with local communities to contribute to their economic and social development, offer employment opportunities, utilize local resources and enhance their quality of life. CCC is a supporter, partner, contributor and sponsor to:

  • International and Local Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO’s)
  • Humanitarian Societies and Charitable Institutions
  • Health, Educational, Social and Environmental Programs & Organizations
  • Social, Cultural, Civil and Philanthropic Activities
  • Sustainable Development Programs of Local Communities
Building Resilience of Young Women Farmers, Egypt

CCC has launched its venture CSR project with Alfanar with the aim of building resilience and self-reliance among women farmers in Upper Egypt. The project aims to contribute to the creation of sustainable livelihoods for impoverished small-scale female farmers in Minya Egypt, by training women farmers on modern agricultural and business practices thus improving yields and financial returns to their families. In addition, it aims to work with the Ministry of Agriculture staff to scale the Farmer Field school model beyond its current reach.

The Farmer Field Schools and Farmer Business Schools in Minya will provide training to 450 disadvantaged smallholder female farmers, helping them to modernize and improve their farming practices, thus reducing inefficiency, improving yields and ultimately increasing their take-home household income.

Capacity Building of Palestinian and Lebanese Youth, Lebanon

CCC in cooperation with Zakira; The Image Festival Association, provided a nine-month photography and videography training and career development to 47 Lebanese and Palestinian youth from Ain el Helweh Refugee Camp in Lebanon.

The trainees included jobless youth, students, and housewives who developed photography and video skills and many of them became proficient enough to practice photography and videography. Many now have the opportunity to use the learned skill by finding prospective careers in commercial photography (Studio, events photography, wedding photography, and portraits), documentary and photojournalism.

Not only did the project enhance social cohesion between Lebanese and Palestinians, but it also empowered them with a new skill, and offered them the opportunity to learn a trade that will help them secure a better economic and social life.

Inclusion of Refugee Children through Art Education, Greece

CCC supported the “Inclusion of Refugee Children through Art Education” project of the Museum of Cycladic Art in Greece. The project brought together Greek students and refugee children to attend a series of educational workshops to learn and use the Cypriot-Minoic alphabet as a common language of communication through art.

The Children’s ages ranged between 14 and 17; the Greek students came from Pierce College, and refugee children came from shelters run by NGO “Solidarity Now” and came from Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran and Pakistan.

The program provided the platform for the smooth integration of refugee children into Greek society, enhanced their communication skills, and built their self-confidence and their artistic creativity. They learned to use the Cypriot-Minoic script and created art images to share their stories and memories and learn about each other’s lives. The project was concluded with an exhibition showcasing the artworks of children.

Water for Mulinda Village, Mozambique

CCC partnered with WaterAid to carry out a project that provided access to clean water, safe sanitation, and good hygiene practices for the people of Mulinda village. A remote rural community where 700 people relied on the polluted water of Muchimazi River and where women and children had to travel 8 kilometres per day to get water.

A borehole equipped with a hand pump was installed in the village, and a 12 –member water committee was established and trained to ensure that the community is able to maintain, repair and sustain the borehole. To increase sanitation awareness door to door visits were conducted which motived 110 families to build household latrines, handwashing facilities, dishracks, and rubbish pits.

Access to clean water for the people of Mulinda will mean a significant improvement in their lives, for example, children will spend more time at school. In addition, hygienic awareness will result in better health and a decrease in the occurrence of water-related diseases.

Access to Water and Latrines for the School and Community of Manguna Village, Mozambique

As part of CCC’s Corporate Volunteering Program (CVP), CCC volunteers rehabilitated the public school of Manguna village in Mozambique and provided the school and the community with access to water. The project included the painting of the outside and inside walls of two school buildings, offices, the school director’s accommodation, and replacing the broken roof sheets with new ones. Internal works included the painting of walls, the replacement of roof girders and sheets, and the coating of blackboards.

The school enrolls around 250 children and had neither toilets nor running water. CCC volunteers built new toilets for students and teachers with septic tanks, and installed a borehole with a hand pump near the school, providing the students as well as the whole community access to water.

Support to Medical Teams in Kazakhstan

With the global spread of COVID-19, and as the number of infected cases increased in Kazakhstan, CCEP management through its CSR coordinators and volunteers shifted their attention to providing assistance to health caregivers. In coordination with the Public Health Department and the Mayor of Atyrau, CCC donated 25 million Kazakhstani Tenge to support the medical teams who are the front-liners of the pandemic working tirelessly with long shifts and very little sleep.

The donated funds were distributed by the Department of Public Health to 634 health care workers across various medical organizations as bonuses in recognition of their efforts.

Covid-19 Testing Kits and Ventilators to Palestine, Jordan, Egypt, Lebanon and Kazakhstan

Recognizing the significance of diagnostic testing, CCC donated 60,000 testing kits to assist with the COVID-19 screening necessities in Palestine, Jordan, Egypt and Kazakhstan. Additionally, in Lebanon, CCC donated 5 ventilators to the Ministry of Health to support the most pressing needs of local hospitals, and 4 ventilators to Palestinian hospitals located near refugee camps to benefit vulnerable sections of society.

“Our efforts to overcome this unprecedented health challenge are ongoing and by working closely with authorities and institutional bodies, we aim to ensure that our contributions are meaningful and timely,” said CCC’s Executive Vice Chairman Mr. Samer Khoury.

Construction Innovation and Academic Collaboration, Kazakhstan

CCC has initiated partnerships with two of Kazakhstan’s top-ranked universities in the region; the universities of Nazarbayev and KazGuuto. These mutually beneficial partnerships aim to develop cooperation for exchanging business experience in the field of construction engineering and making advances in the engineering field.

In 2019, CCC launched and delivered its first forum series entitled: “Building a Smarter Future for All” to faculty and students of Nazarbayev University (NU), which highlighted innovation in the construction industry. The forum featured talks about how innovative approaches and technologies such as 3D Scanning, Internet of Things (IOT), artificial intelligence (AI), and virtual reality (VR) are reforming the construction industry. The talks also focused on the importance of Building Information Modeling (BIM) in obtaining, sustaining and strategically integrating these technologies within the industry.

Since its partnership with the Universities, CCC has also been working closely with the Universities’ Career Centers to recruit graduates to intern and to eventually be recruited by CCC.

CCC Stands for the Environment and Against Hunger, Saudi Arabia

Since 2016, CCC has cooperated with Saudi Arabia’s Food Bank (ETTAM) to collect surplus food from the labour camps and distribute it to the needy.

In an era of rising food prices and increasing hunger in the world, one-third of the food produced in the world for consumption is wasted. Through its cooperation with Ettam, the CCC Riyadh Metro project so far has provided more than 10,000 meals to the needy. The donation of surplus food does not only benefit disadvantaged people but also has a positive impact on the environment, by cutting down on waste and supporting the main elements of sustainability.

Easter Candle for a Good Cause, Athens, Greece

In solidarity with fellow human beings that need care and support, CCC employees assisted the Doctors of the World (MdM-Greece) organization by purchasing Easter candles made by the MdM’s volunteers to fundraise for their humanitarian work in Greece. Founded in 1990, MdM is a medical humanitarian non-governmental organization that implements projects within Greece and abroad to provide medical as well as other services to marginalized populations that cannot access healthcare services and medical care. With the purchased candles and the donations provided by CCC employees, MdM purchased vaccines, bandages, medical gloves and supported its mobile units that feed the disadvantaged.

CCC Employees Raise Funds for Good Causes, Oman

CCC Oman and staff members raised funds to support the missions of the Al Rahma Association for Motherhood and Childhood, and the Early Intervention Center for Children with Disability Organization.

While the Al Rahma Association’s mission is to help less fortunate families across all governorates of the Sultanate by providing them with the necessary financial and non-financial support, the Early Intervention Center for Children with Disability provides rehabilitative, social, psychological and therapeutic services to children with disability.

The President of the Al Rahma Association and the President of the Early Intervention Center for Children with Disability were invited to CCC’s Area office to receive the donation and to provide their token of appreciation for CCC’s management and staff.

CCC Volunteer Program

In support of CCC’s commitment to serve those in need, the Volunteer Program of CCC is initiated by the Department of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) to encourage and provide employees and their families the opportunity to give back to society and participate in volunteering activities.

CCC realizes the value and countless benefits of volunteerism. Besides helping a cause or improving lives, it contributes to the physical and mental well-being of volunteers themselves and provides a feeling of pride and satisfaction. In the workplace, volunteering does not only boost morale and engagement but it also increases productivity, and improves team-work and interpersonal relationships among colleagues.

Video Produced by 1895 Cinematic Creations

CCC acknowledges the contribution of its volunteers and recognizes that participation in volunteering work will inspire, enrich and help in the personal growth of its employees on various levels.

“The best feeling in life is making others in need happy. It does not have to be money, it can be a half-hour of comforting a sick person, or taking care of an elderly person, or just simply a smile…”

Samer S. Khoury, Chairman
CCC Volunteering Activities
Project Management and Sustainability of NGOs, Greece - Slide 1
Project Management and Sustainability of NGOs, Greece

Ambassador Volunteer, Naim Trabelsi delivered a training seminar on Project Management and Sustainability to the Community Home Coordinators of the Smile of the Child NGO and to the senior management team of the Greek Council for Refugees. Both NGOs were trained on how to manage projects efficiently, how to manage their time, prioritize their tasks and how to fundraise and sustain their organizations. The training aimed to empower and enhance the performance and accountability of staff. The acquired skills will work for the benefit of the organizations’ target groups of disadvantaged populations such as refugees and children who are victims of violence, children with health problems and children living in poverty.

STEM Education for Underprivileged Children, Greece - Slide 1
STEM Education for Underprivileged Children, Greece

CCC Volunteers provided Science, Technology, Math & Engineering (STEM) education to refugee children aged between 6 and 12 years old from Elefssina Refugee Camp. The volunteering activity was organized in cooperation with Ethelon and the International Organization for Migration. Before the volunteering activity, CCC volunteers attended a three hour training delivered by professional trainers from the World Robot Olympiad Association; a non-profit organization which promotes robotics in STEM education for children and develops their creativity and problem solving. The children were taught the basic steps of robotics, and that each construction has “artificial intelligence” that is the product of students’ algorithmic thinking and is realized through a digital program, which they drew themselves on a touch screen of a wireless tablet connected to the robotic structure.

Computer Skills Tutoring for Refugees, Greece
Computer Skills Tutoring for Refugees, Greece

In cooperation with the Social Hackers Academy, Electrical Estimation Engineer, Ghada Souadi tutored basic computer skills to refugee youths. The 5-week training program was held twice a week and aimed to reach youth and give them the computer skills to increase their chances for employment.

The Social Hackers Academy’s aim is to educate social vulnerable groups in digital skills, and integrate them into the economic and social fabric of the society. Besides providing coding, web development and basic computer skills, it organizes career days with tech companies, to introduce their graduates with potential employers.

When asked about her volunteering experience Ghada said: “This experience taught me the spirit of giving and to serve with your heart. I felt I am making a difference and my vision to contribute to a better world became a reality. The strong ties we built and the rewarding experience were really priceless”.

CCC Joins the Nationwide Environmental Campaign, Kazakhstan - Slide 1
CCC Joins the Nationwide Environmental Campaign, Kazakhstan

CCC Volunteers in Kazakhstan joined the National Tree Planting Campaign to plant 500 trees in and around the CCC Camps in Atyrau, and Tengiz. Three hundred white and Pyramidal Poplars, Green Ash, Acer Negundo, and Elm trees were planted in Atyrau, and 200 hundred trees in Tengiz. Initiated by the Ministry of Ecology, Geology and Natural Resources, the Campaign aims to plant one million trees across the entire country. The decision to join the campaign stems from the Company’s commitment to social, economic and environmental sustainability of communities where it conducts its business.

Environmentally, planting trees has the function of absorbing carbon dioxide and potentially harmful gasses, such as sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide, from the air and release oxygen.

A Day of Learning and Giving at the Innovative Park of Earth Organization, Athens, Greece - Slide 1
A Day of Learning and Giving at the Innovative Park of Earth Organization, Athens, Greece

CCC volunteers and members of their families visited Organization Earth to learn and contribute to a sustainable way of living at the Organization’s 25 acre environmental park. The park hosts thousands of adults and children every year to receive hands on, non- formal education on sustainable living.

The Volunteers cooked 200 healthy meals for socially deprived persons, refugees, and the homeless living in Ilion and Kamatero; a suburban area northwest of Athens city center. Upon completion of the meals, the participants had the opportunity to learn a few farming techniques. They learned how to crop plants, prune trees and edgings and contributed by planting seasonal vegetables in the Park’s vegetable garden. The group then visited the Center’s composting lab where they learned how to make organic fertilizers from food waste, and how to grow healthy plants without using agrochemicals.

Zakareet and Al Jumail Beach Clean Ups - Slide 1
Zakareet and Al Jumail Beach Clean Ups, Qatar

On two different occasions and in cooperation with the Doha Environmental Actions Project (DEAP), CCC volunteers and their families cleaned up Zakreet and Al Jumail Beaches.

DEAP is a local environmental volunteering initiative the leads the effort to reduce plastic pollution and carry out beach cleanups in Qatar to restore their natural beauty. In Zakareet beach, the volunteers collected 75 bags of trash including plastic bags and bottles, glass bottles, wire ropes and fish nets. At Al Jumail beach the volunteers were joined by other volunteers and collected more than 850 kilos of waste and trash including plastic bags and bottles, glass bottles, wire ropes and fishing nets from the coast line.

Building Dikes in Kulsary, Kazakhstan - Slide 1
Building Dikes in Kulsary, Kazakhstan

It took 10 days, 18 CCC employees and 376 hours of their effort and volunteered time to build and install dikes along the edge of the four kilometer long Kamyskol Lake to prevent it from overflowing and flooding the land and houses of the residents of Kulsary. Every year in March, layers of accumulated snow melts and causes massive flooding endangering hundreds of the residents living around the lake. Upon hakimat’s request, CCC engineers, surveyors, logistics, laborers, foremen mobilized and came together to address the recurring flooding issue and protect Kulsary’s community.

Public School Restoration, Greece - Slide 1
Public School Restoration, Greece

In cooperation with Ethelon, CCC volunteers and their children restored and beautified the public school of Nea Chalkidona. The volunteers painted the school’s backyard fence in green, planted plants in the front yard, designed and painted two board games; a floor chess game and a colorful snake game with numbers in the school playgrounds. The 2nd Primary School of New Chalkidona is a public school, placed in a school complex and enrolls 224 students aged between 6 and 12 living in the area. The volunteering activity addresses two of the United Nation’s Social Development Goals (SDGs): Quality Education and Sustainable Cities and Communities.

Earth Dam Construction in Botswana
Earth Dam Construction in Botswana

To assist the community in collecting and storing water, CCC volunteers built an earth dam in the Tsietsi Motswana Mamatha Lands. The earth dam building will assist in collecting and storing water especially during the monsoon season.

The collected water will be used by 700 to 1000 people living in the nearby villages who will have access for their daily needs and for their cattle in times of severe shortage or drought which is not uncommon in Botswana.

Volunteering with Al Jalila Children’s Specialty Hospital in Dubai, UAE - Slide 1
Volunteering with Al Jalila Children’s Specialty Hospital in Dubai, UAE

On two occasions (February 14, and June 27, 2019) CCC Volunteers visited Dubai’s Al Jalila Children’s Specialty Hospital to play and entertain children. In line with the Hospital’s Infection Control Policy, the volunteers took safe toys and gifts with them. While some of the volunteers entertained a group of children in the playroom, others visited kids in the Chronic Renal Failure Department.

Camp Accommodation Facilities in Kazakhstan
Camp Accommodation Facilities in Kazakhstan and Qatar Play a Role in Containing COVID-19

To support local authorities’ efforts to combat the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, CCC in Kazakhstan offered its corporate camp facilities to 200 medical personnel for accommodation and temporary isolation.

CCC Volunteers helped in setting up the rooms for the medical teams who came from different regions of the country. In Qatar, CCC also offered local authorities some construction camp facilities to assist with the quarantine needs of COVID-19 suspected cases.

CCC Volunteers Increase Awareness - Slide 1
CCC Volunteers Increase Awareness about the Coronavirus Infection, Kazakhstan

Before COVID-19 was officially announced as a pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO), and before its spread in Kazakhstan, CCC’s Sanitary Doctors and Ecologist Engineer, conducted a series of awareness seminars about Coronavirus to various companies and organizations.

The seminars focused on the general concept and transmission of the virus, its etiology, and its prevention, and control. The seminars were given to the staff members of Tesla-Tan LLP, Caspian Medical, Madi Security Agency and the community.

The volunteers reported on the latest epidemiological situation in the world, and provided their audience with sanitary precautionary measures to prevent the spread of the virus.

CCC Volunteers Contribute to the Feeding Program of the Egyptian Food Bank, Egypt - Slide 1
CCC Volunteers Contribute to the Feeding Program of the Egyptian Food Bank, Egypt

On two different days; November 24, 2019 and February 6, 2020, CCC volunteers packaged 1,700 food boxes for needy families. The two volunteering activities were organized with the Egyptian Food Bank which has a feeding program that provides food boxes to an average of 250,000 needy families per month. Through its feeding program, the Food Bank targets underprivileged people who are unable to work and earn an income. These cases vary between the elderly, orphans, widows and/or individuals suffering from chronic diseases.

CCC Volunteers Help the Homeless, Athens, Greece - Slide 1
CCC Volunteers Help the Homeless, Athens, Greece

In cooperation with ethelon and Emfasis Foundation, CCC volunteers packaged 250 hygiene kits for vulnerable and socially excluded groups of people. After the economic crisis, the number of homeless people in Greece reached 20,000 of which almost half of them live in Athens. Emfasis Foundation was invited to CCC premises to provide an informative talk about the state of homelessness in Greece, their scope of work as an organization and about their mission of providing immediate and effective solutions to the overall needs of the homeless and unemployed.

Introducing Colors into the Daily Lives of Refugees, Athens, Greece - Slide 1
Introducing Colors into the Daily Lives of Refugees, Athens, Greece

CCC Volunteers joined a dynamic team of international volunteers from around the world to paint refugee resident’s cabins at Eleona Refugee Camp in Athens. The volunteering activity was organized in collaboration with Project Elea which is an initiative that focuses on improving the living standards of refugees. Approved by the Greek Ministry of Migration, Elea Project provides basic services such as food and clothing distribution as well as offer educational, cultural and skill sharing programs to refugees.

Humanitarian Aid for Flood Victims in Turkistan - Slide 1
Humanitarian Aid for Flood Victims in Turkistan

CCC provided financial and humanitarian aid to the victims who lost their homes due to the flooding caused by the breakage of a dam in Uzbekistan.

An area of 276 square kilometers including 10 settlements in Turkistan, South Kazakhstan was flooded and around 30 thousand people had to be evacuated.

CCEP Management donated 100 metal beds, mattresses, pillows, blankets, and chairs and CCC volunteers worked tirelessly to organize the logistics, collect and distribute the furniture and the bedding.

CSR Policy Statement