Diversity and Inclusion

CCC Core Value: Our staff is our Greatest Asset

Diversity and Inclusion

Expanding towards our 70 years of existence, we have built a geographically diverse presence in over 40 countries. This unique position allows us to benefit from growth in emerging markets whilst maintaining solid positions in established enterprises around the world. An intrinsic factor in this success is the human element that has been at the forefront of our values and practices since day one.

Our long established family culture and values contribute to our uniqueness and continuous attraction of talented and highly qualified individuals from all nationalities. In formulating our culture, we combined international human rights principles with traditional family values thus providing an atmosphere of safety, stability, compassion and equal opportunity for our employees.

CCC embraces the ambitions and welfare of over 178,000 employees, composed of more than 80 nationalities, in almost every country of the Middle East, Africa, Europe (including Russia), CIS countries, the Caribbean, Australia and Papua New Guinea.

Our approach looks holistically at employees’ ambitions, by providing security, stability and development. We are committed to the personal and professional advancement of CCC family members, and to fair compensation, dignified treatment, acknowledgement and appreciation of achievement. We are also honored to say that we “walk the talk” by integrated our values with our actions and behaviors thus strengthening our family culture. These values are embedded in all of our key people processes – recruiting, staffing selection, talent management, learning and development.

Towards CCC employees, we emphasize our core values and principles such as equal opportunities and diversity, sustainability of manpower and low staff turnover, integrity, honesty and reliability, along with successful and constant attraction, engagement and development. CCC is a second home to all CCC family members. It is not only a workplace but a setting through which the company manifests its long-term commitment to its employees and their families, and expects all employees to act as part of a big family, adopting the CCC culture. We aim to continue to provide the proper working environment for our employees to advance, excel and perform to their highest potential.


The GDPR is considered the most important change in data privacy regulation in 20 years. It impacts companies globally, not just in the European Union (EU). GDPR came into effect in May 2017 and gives every EU citizen the right to know and decide how their personal data is being used, stored, protected, transferred and deleted.

Respecting the privacy of employees and protecting their personal information is an important feature of privacy compliance under the GDPR. Also, privacy is a fundamental right essential to the well-being of every individual and therefore it is crucial that a reasonable level of privacy is ensured within the working environment. CCC Group needs to gather certain employee information. All the corporate procedures are designed to ensure compliance with the GDPR principles of fairness and transparency. Also, the CCC Data Protection Policy distributed throughout the Group explains how employee’s data are processed by the company.