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Why Work With CCC?
CCC has always regarded training as of utmost importance to the development of its staff
Unique Culture

We are proud to emphasize that our company culture is not only exceptional, but also vital to CCC’s continuous progress and resilience. CCC’s impeccable achievements were not attained by mere luck but by unrelenting hard work. Nevertheless, the decisive factor all through the decades manifests itself in the set of unique cultural traits that define CCC. The distinctive culture embedded in CCC is based on Family Values of Integrity, Loyalty, Humility and Honesty. The sense of belonging employees experience and the prevailing family atmosphere, inevitably leads to a stimulating, vibrant and dynamic environment, despite its geographical spread.

CCC is a second home to all CCC family members. It is not only a workplace but a setting through which the company manifests its long-term commitment to its employees and their families, and expects all employees to act as in a big family, adopting CCC’s culture. The enduring dedication is evident by the fact that our employees have been with us for an average of 12 years. These delightfully long periods of time, demonstrate that our employees regard us more than just an attractive employer.


Fairness towards all is one of our core values. Therefore, CCC ensures that each current and new employee receives fair treatment based on merit, without discrimination based on gender, religion, ethnic background or of any other kind. Our uncompromising commitment to our workforce indicates that all employees are treated with dignity, respect and transparency.

We consider diversity as one of our competitive advantages. A key aspect of this competitiveness is our global and diverse workforce that encompasses employees from many different cultural backgrounds.

Since the initiation of CCC, we have completed projects for clients from different backgrounds and origins; the goal is for our workforce to reflect this same diversity. CCC boasts workforce from more than 85 nationalities and 40 countries, comprising a total of 110,000 strong workforce, working at different locations and projects. We have projects and activities in locations worldwide, spanning the Middle East to Africa and as far as to Papua New Guinea and Australia. One fundamental part of our recruitment policy has always been to recruit local staff.

“Our staff is our greatest asset and we are committed to the personal and professional advancement of CCC family members and to fair compensation, dignified treatment, acknowledgement and appreciation of achievement.”

CCC Values, Guiding Principles & Code of Conduct
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International Exposure

International experience is actively promoted within CCC with mobility of staff between various geographic locations. This ensures that experience in one country is quickly disseminated to other countries. A ‘best practice’ is achieved across international boundaries. While the majority of its construction business is in the Middle East, yet CCC like all leading construction companies, has a strong international presence demonstrated by the number of projects being executed in various locations, the diversification of its clients and the nationality of its staff. From various offices, CCC has completed numerous projects in over forty countries and currently has employees from over sixty different nationalities – “INTERNATIONAL” is truly at the core of CCC.

Training & Development

CCC has always regarded training as of utmost importance to the development of its staff, and has strived to always go one step further, compared to other multi-national/international companies.

Extensive training workshops are held annually – mostly in house -by qualified and certified CCC instructors and experts (in Technical, Project Management, Leadership, IT, Health, Safety and Environment, Quality topics, and other topics).  CCC’s full time in-house instructors carry out training sessions at all offices in technical, leadership and project management areas. Moreover, CCC has earned the status of “Global” Registered Education Provider by the U.S. based Project Management Institute (PMI), which is known for its expertise in project management worldwide. All management courses offered by CCC are approved by PMI and provide participants with the widely recognized Professional Development Units (PDUs) for the purpose of applying for and maintaining the various management certifications.

In numerous cases, we partner with renowned external training providers that have proven records of excellence in a global business environment (such as INSEAD, CII (Construction Industry Institute) at Texas Austin, University of Texas, the US Green Building Council (USGBC), American Society for Quality (ASQ), City and Guilds, ILO (the International Labor Organization), the Hay Group, Education For Employment (EFE) Foundation, the British Council and the American Society for Training & Development (ASTD) among others). The membership with the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) aims to promote the LEED certification in Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. These partnerships help to offer our staff a higher level of specialization whenever the need arises. The training schemes we apply are flexible to allow our personnel to take the courses that best fit their learning needs and professional development requirements.