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Plant, Machinery and Vehicles
CCC manages an extensive fleet of construction equipment
Plant, Machinery and Vehicles (PMV)

The Company’s policy of construction plant and equipment management and operation is one of preventive maintenance where the equipment, before allocation, transits through CCC’s “Central Repair Facility” for inspection to insure soundness and compatible performance for the application intended.

Construction plant and equipment operation availability and condition is controlled and monitored by the CCC Plant System, which is approved and certified under ISO 9001.

CCC has a high degree of equipment standardization that has been found to be most suitable for major operations, taking into account past performance and local backup services.

Nevertheless, other types of equipment are utilized from time to time to assess performance and compare with standardized equivalent fleet units. Accordingly, construction plant and equipment is operated with a high degree of availability, by virtue of the familiarity of our personnel with the equipment and the availability of essential spare parts.

During mobilization for a project, all aspects of the construction plant and equipment requirements are planned by the central PMV Department, including the workshop and maintenance facilities, stores, stocks, procedures, library for parts and service manuals, consumables, workshop and maintenance personnel, maintenance programs and procedures.

Throughout the duration of the project, the central PMV Department monitors construction plant and equipment performance and availability with frequent site visits by experts to inspect the construction plant and give support where necessary.

CCC Group Plant and Equipment
CCC owns 15,346 pieces of construction plant that include almost every kind of construction equipment. The original value of the major plant and equipment actually in service is over US$ 1 billion
Total 7,802
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