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Fabrication Facilities
CCC provides both mobile and permanent fabrication facilities
Fabrication Facilities


NPCC’s state-of-the-art fabrication yard is unique in the Middle East. A 1,010,000 m2 area located in Mussafah industrial area has been custom-built for the construction, assembly and load-out of onshore and offshore structures. NPCC yards are capable of fabricating up to 100,000 Metric Tons annually and are equipped to load out topsides weighting up to 30,000 Tons. In addition, NPCC yards include two Fusion Bonded Epoxy / Polyethylene / Polypropylene (FBE/PE/PP) pipe coating plants and one concrete pipe coating plant to cover the regional requirement of onshore and offshore pipelines.

ECG, Equatorial Guinea

ECG has been set up to provide fabrication services to the growing petrochemical industry in West Africa. ECG is located in Punta Europa, Malabo, Guinea and encompasses a total area of 400 acres including an assembling area of 150,000 m2, and 1,500 m2 workshops.

The Fabrication Yard is equipped with off-loading and load-out jetty enabling the import of raw materials and equipment and exporting finished steel structures. Completely self- supporting with onsite power generation, water and sewage treatment plant, living accommodation, restaurant, recreational facilities and fully staffed and equipped clinic. Capability includes fabrication of jackets, decks, bridges, flares, manifolds, PLET’s and PLEM’s, pipe racks, piping spools, buildings, steel structures, tanks and modules. Capable of producing, pipe and structural steel fabrication under strict compliance with ISO 9001, ASME, AWS, AISC, BS, DIN or any code as specified by contract conditions. EGC has fully integrated Health, Safety, Environmental Management System that is certified for ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.

Fabrication Facilities

Facility Type / Location Monthly Production
Mobile Facilities 40 Fabrication Shops Pipe Spool Fabrication: 700 Tons Per Fabshop
Steel Structure Fabrication: 300 Tons Per Fabshop
Equatorial Consolidated Group (ECG) Facilities Permanent Facility in Equatorial Guinea Pipe Spool Fabrication: 600 Tons
Steel Structure Fabrication: 700 Tons
National Petroleum Construction Co. (NPCC) Fabrication Facility Permanent Facility in UAE 5,800 Tons of Fabricated Steel Structures for Wellhead Jackets, Decks, Topsides, Modules, Loading Terminals
Rumaila Fabrication Facility Permanent Facility in Iraq Pipe Spool Fabrication: 1,800 Tons
Steel Structure Fabrication: 3,000 Tons
Module Fabrication

CCC and Yanda have formed a strategic alliance in 2016 to provide our clients with engineering, fabrication & construction of modules, skids, cryogenic cold boxes, columns, vessels for the oil & gas, petrochemical and power industries.

The advantages of this alliance include:

  • Global Reach
  • Top Quality Products
  • Timely Delivery
  • Engineered Technical Solutions
  • Reliability
  • Experience with Major Oil Companies
  • Competitive Fabrication Solutions
  • Advanced Control Tools
  • On-line Monitoring Tools
  • Large Sea Front
  • Competitive Procurement
  • Access to Chinese Financing

Yanda has state of the art fabrication facilities spread over an area exceeding 1.9 million m2 with more than 180,000 m2 of covered workshops capable of fabricating 240,000 MT/year of modules/skids, cryogenic cold boxes, pressure vessels and structural steel and 3.2 million inch‐dia/year of pipe spools. Yanda has its own port facility (360m by 12.7m) comprising of two terminals (20,000 MT and 50,000 MT) with a maximum load‐out weight of 20,000 tonnes/piece of equipment.

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