CCC Selected as Finalist for Innovation and Sustainability Awards


Consolidated Contractors Company (CCC), has been honored as a 2020 MEED Projects Awards finalist in two categories: innovation and sustainability.

Finalists are recognized for their outstanding quality and achievement in the GCC projects sector and for supporting the development of this crucially important industry for the region. This year’s judging process resulted in the selection of more than 80 projects aiming to win across 21 categories. The winners will be announced at the awards ceremony which will take place in December and will attract regional stakeholders and key decision makers.

The MEED Projects Awards go beyond acknowledging the construction element of project delivery and encompass the value and quality of a project throughout its entire life cycle, from the design concept through to engineering and construction and its overall contribution to society and to the environment.

CCC has been selected as a finalist for the Innovation Medal and the Sustainability Medal. To begin with, for the Innovation Medal, CCC has been shortlisted for two projects:

  • The 3D printed house completed under the Building Technology Stimulus Initiative of the Ministry of Housing in Saudi Arabia. This first livable 3D printed house prototype stands as a striking example of CCC’s drive for the early adoption of sustainable methods evolving away from conventional construction.
  • The Internet of Things (IoT) technology applications implemented at EMAAR’s Opera Grand Tower project in the UAE. As part of CCC’s portfolio startup which includes Wakecap, the adoption of devices and sensors has brought real-time information into construction processes and improved efficiency and safety standards.

In addition, for the Sustainability Medal:

  • CCC’s “Off-Grid Portable Cabin” has been distinguished. The 100% solar powered off-grid mobile cabin was developed to operate accommodation and office units for CCC workforce in the UAE. This energy self-sufficient mobile cabin is an innovative off-grid solution and just the first step of CCC’s strategy on renewable energy and battery technologies.

CCC’s culture of innovation drives better, faster and leaner business results which activate good sustainability impacts. Being a 2020 MEED Projects Awards Finalist is an honor and we look forward to further supporting the region in promoting innovation and sustainability.