CCC Launches Sustainability Strategy


Consolidated Contractors Company (CCC) releases its new Sustainability Strategy, that maps out specific commitments across its entire business by the year 2025 and beyond. Building upon a solid foundation in environmental protection, safety excellence, social responsibility and strong governance, this strategy will ensure that sustainability is fully integrated across CCC’s operations.

This strategic plan not only aims to ensure that CCC becomes truly sustainable, it also hopes to contribute to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

Across CCC, we have been working systematically on all three pillars of sustainability (economy, environment, and society) for around a decade. Specifically, we have focused on zero harm and safeguarding employees’ well-being, reducing energy use and emissions, recycling construction waste, adopting circular economy principles, endorsing green construction, enhancing business transparency and promoting community engagement.

This new strategy will govern all corporate sustainability activities and emphasize on achieving milestones by the year 2025 in three key areas:

  • Economic development
  • Environmental protection and,
  • Social development.

Related goals, targets and measures are specified here.

CCC is committed to making tangible progress in these three areas by 2025. Some actions involve continuing existing work, while others involve engaging new partners and stakeholders, and driving innovation in new areas.

Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic it has become apparent that economic resiliency, physical health, environmental wellness and social stability are all inextricably connected. Also, the past couple of months have demonstrated the urgency for companies to drive positive change that transcends their traditional operational footprint. For CCC, creating meaningful value has been of prime importance during this health crisis and our new sustainability strategy reflects our dedication to deepen Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) commitments towards our clients, our people, the communities we touch and society at large.