Sustainability Report 2012 - page 7

“Our mission is to be a leader in sustainability in the
engineering and construction business. We build
on our heritage of family values and impeccable
construction record to continue to deliver
sustainable value for our shareholders, clients,
employees, suppliers, subcontractors, communities
and for future generations.”
We are proud of our membership in such
international organizations as the United Nations
Global Compact; the World Economic Forum; the
European Network of Construction Companies
for Research & Development; the GBC Health; the
Disaster Resource Partnership and the Emirates
Environmental Group.
All our directors and executives are now familiar with
the concept and are well on the way to achieving
high accreditation in sustainability. A Task Force
and a Knowledge Management Community of
Practice have been set up to administer, implement
and collect the various KPI’s and follow the GRI
reporting indexes. On top of all that, we conduct
regular training to introduce sustainability to our
control managers and key staff. We also encourage
all our stakeholders (clients, subcontractors,
contractors, partners and all our peers) to implement
sustainability themes.
Our report highlights some of the procedures
implemented over the years aimed at adopting
more sustainable practices and reducing the
impact of our activities on the environment. This
is reflected in our approach to green solutions, the
company’s experience in sustainability initiatives
and innovation in Sustainability.
In practice, we have been implementing new
sustainable construction techniques within our
company’s wide variety of traditional and green
building projects. We believe that the added value
of such initiatives is immense and will provide
our stakeholders with long term and sustainable
Our sustainability focused activities such as the
Environment 3R’s: Reduce-Reuse-Recycle campaign
• Reduction and segregation of waste in a respon-
sible manner including recycling and re-use
wherever possible.
• Re-use of surplus material.
• Purchase of timber from sustainable sources.
• Reduction in the use of water for concrete curing
by the use of sprayed curing compounds.
• Reduction of our carbon footprint associated with
construction equipment on projects.
• Water treatment plants on projects.
• Usage of renewable energy wherever feasible.
We are also aiming to increase the use of fuel
efficient vehicles to minimize pollution and CO
emissions, to control energy loss as well as installing
photo-voltaic solar panels in our construction sites.
Sustainability undoubtedly is a cornerstone of
humanity’s future, and CCC shall continue to utilize
its worldwide expertise and resources to meet the
challenge and improve further on our sustainability
track, always aspiring to provide long-term benefits
and a better environment for generations to come.
Samer S. Khoury
Consolidated Contractors Group S.A.L. | Sustainability Report 2012
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