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working towards
Fuel Economy
The importance of fuel economy for the successful operation of our construction sites is high on our agenda;
simply said saving fuel means lower emissions for the environment and higher business profits. Therefore,
in 2013 we continued to work on improving the sustainability of our fleet of vehicles by enhancing fuel
efficiency, reducing emissions & environmental impact.
Understanding that fuel is a highly variable cost, and, while no operation can fully control the cost and the
supply quality of fuel, we strive to have some control by adopting the following:
• Selecting the right machine for the task –e.g. lowest hp engines, drag improvement gadgets, efficient
systems design, and smart engine shutdown during prolonged
• Introduction of
add-on gadgets
and systems to
improve fuel consumptions and
provide alternative energy.
• Proper plant monitoring of fuel
consumption rate.
• Applying timely and proper preventive maintenance.
• Monitoring tires for wear, pressure, alignment, etc.
• Limiting and optimizing vehicle speeds and operational RPM.
• Optimizing job execution method statements by using smart tools.
• Monitoring & controlling individual and cumulative idle time by using Near-Real-Time data
capturing systems.
• Improving operator efficiency, job knowledge and awareness.
• Establishing tools to predict the anticipated CO₂ footprint at
early stages and monitor it along the work progress.
Consolidated Contractors Group S.A.L. | Sustainability Report 2014
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