Sustainability Report 2014 - page 5

Environment - Social - Governance - Community
Our commitment towards sustainable
development is perceived as a process of making
decisions that grasp the long-term benefit
of the economy, ecology and equity of all
involved communities.
We are committed to maintaining the
entrepreneurial culture behind our
success while fostering the values
and behaviors required for ensuring
our sustainable corporate future.
As a responsible corporate
citizen, we remain committed
to create a better world in
every country of operation
and to ensure that any
project we deliver affects
positively the society
and environment
around us.
The measurements in this report reflect data
collected for year 2013
and major component of
year 2014
The report has been compiled using the
general guidelines specified by the Global
Reporting Initiative (GRI).
This report was developed collectively
and cooperatively involving and
invoking a range of perspectives
from the executive management,
operational management and
technical and commercial staff
from a variety of levels, sites
and countries.
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