Sustainability Report 2014 - page 53

CCC continuously propagates the notion of staff
investment, in the sense that growth comes from
within the company. The High Fliers Program
launched in 2011 aims at delivering exactly that;
the next generation of leaders.
This scheme aims to address points such as:
• Focus on identifying employees with a strong
potential to assume higher level roles;
• Assess the depth and capability of current
talent pool;
• Use external sources to provide world class
assessment and executive development
programs; and Provide necessary individual and
tailor made coaching, mentoring, development and support.
Stringent evaluations of the program are also undertaken predominantly through the below assessments:
• Leadership Style;
• Organizational Climate; and Emotional Intelligence (EI) 360 degree Surveys.
This is an ongoing program with a fresh intake each year, to ensure that the creation of a leadership pipeline
will deliver the highest caliber of leaders capable of meeting future challenges of our business demands and
our increasing diversity, complexity and size.
Consolidated Contractors Group S.A.L. | Sustainability Report 2014
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