Sustainability Report 2014 - page 9

On our achievements of last year, we are very proud
• Our HSE record was quite impressive with very
low Lost Time Accidents despite more than 346
million man hours logged, a result of the utmost
and stringent attention to safety regulations.
• In instances where our projects have mega
living accommodations for workforces of over
15,000 inhabitants, we have taken the initiative
to implement many sustainability themes in all
categories from saving energy, water, recycling
wastewater and using solar PV power plants and
solar heating equipment. We also endeavor to use
the latest and most advanced plant, machinery
and vehicles that consume lower fuel to minimize
CO2 emissions.
• Great care for the Environment is taken
through the usage of recycled materials, waste
management and dust control. We have
revised our induction programs for staff, labor,
subcontractors and suppliers, to raise higher
attention awareness to sustainability issues.
Being a multi-discipline international contractor
operating in over 40 countries in 5 continents makes
it more interesting and challenging to adapt to
all the various cultures with sometimes different
rules and regulations. CCC has for more than 60
years, successfully managed to cooperate with
local communities, train, develop and recruit from
them. In general, our CSR community is very well
established and is extremely active and resourceful.
This is evident from the feedback we receive from
the local communities, our CSR programs rank
high in being appreciated and recognized for their
extensive care to support and promote human
health, and welfare.
We also provide our employees with incentives
and recognition certificates for those who embrace
Sustainability in order to entrench this culture.
We closely follow global and regional trends through
active memberships and participation in related
forums of several international organizations like the
World Economic Forum, the United Nations Global
Compact, the European Network of Construction
Companies for Research & Development (ENCORD),
GBC Health, Disaster Resource Partnership and the
Emirates Environmental Group.
We have set out practical KPI targets for the major
themes. In particular, we aim to improve on CO2
emissions, introduce further measures to control
wastage, encourage Green Building, renewable
energy usage and governance.
We stand firmly committed to develop and
safeguard Mother Earth and its inhabitants for the
future generations.
Samer S. Khoury
Consolidated Contractors Group S.A.L. | Sustainability Report 2014
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