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  • Environment
  • Workforce Welfare
  • Community Involvement
  • Ethics & Integrity
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CCC has committed to carry out its activities in an environment-friendly manner by reducing the environmental burden and improving environmental efficiency wherever possible.

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CCC demonstrates its commitment to the CCC Family by promoting diversity, equal opportunities, ensuring safe and secure working environment for its workforce as well as improving the quality of life of its employees and their families within their local communities.

Carrying on in the footsteps of its founders, CCC believes that business should be conducted in a manner which will benefit the local and global communities where CCC operates. CCC has engraved its humanitarian and philanthropic footprints in support of social development, health and education in every country or area that CCC had operated or passed through.

CCC believes that its reputation and integrity are the basis and drive behind its capability and ability to conduct and sustain business around the globe.