Sustainability Report 2012 - page 15

Jeddah III Desalination & Power Plant
Saudi Arabia
Provides 22,000 m
of potable water per day.
Al Taweelah Power & Desalination Plant Extension
An extension of an already existing plant caters for an
additional desalinated water supply of 76 million Imp.
Gallons per day.
WasteWater Recycling Plant
Saudi Arabia
As part of the CCC-IWSPP Petro Rabigh project, a
Wastewater Recycling plant was completed for the
4,000 staff housing camp. It is a sludge activated plant
operating on FRP (Fiber Reinforced Plastic) technology
to treat the 800 m
/day of water.
Consolidated Contractors Group S.A.L. | Sustainability Report 2012
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