Sustainability Report 2012 - page 16

A machine originally designed to repair aircraft brake
linings is now used to service and make re-usable
scaffolding components such as couplers and bolts.
In the past, these parts after extended use would be
decommissioned and sold for scrap. Consequently,
new replacement components needed to be
purchased at an increased material cost to projects.
• Cost savings during a 2 year implementation are
approximately 670,973$
• Materials are re-used
• Waste is minimized
Construction projects require a massive amount of materials; recognizing that our
planet’s resources are limited, we strive to use raw materials responsibly and to minimize
any material losses.
In 2012, our use of raw materials was equal to 96$ million, of which 7% is being recycled.
We have made this out starting point. Our goal is to constantly improve our recycled
materials numbers and manage non-reusable materials prudently.
Consolidated Contractors Group S.A.L. | Sustainability Report 2012
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