Sustainability Report 2012 - page 21

We have adopted an internal formal commitment to
environmentally sound building practices. All across
CCC offices, in-house designed seminars on “Green
Buildings & Sustainability” are organized for Control
Managers & Engineers. Also, 12 CCC employees
during 2012, have been qualified as LEED Certified,
meaning that the company now has a total of
approximately 300 employees proficient in this field.
We are integrating sustainable construction into all
our activities demonstrating the high environmental
standards we strive to preserve as a whole.
Responding to the growing demand for sustainable
solutions, and green building expertise in particular,
CCC has teamed up with ARUP, a major UK based
engineering company, to form an Alliance to promote
and create high quality, energy efficient sustainable
buildings in the Middle East and North Africa.
Through this Alliance CCC and ARUP combine their
resources and experience to design and construct
high performing new environmental buildings, as well
as unlocking the value of existing buildings through
renovation, hence making them more attractive to
investors, owners, users and tenants.
Recognizing the broad spectrum of green building
rating systems available and the varying “regional
preferences” CCC employs both globally recognized
LEED Accredited Professionals and locally certified
engineers, such as, Estidama engineers in the UAE.
CCC is currently seeking to develop the Global
Sustainability Assessment System (GSAS) capability.
Consolidated Contractors Group S.A.L. | Sustainability Report 2012
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