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Health & Safety
As indicated in the graphs, over the years,
we have generally improved our Health &
Safety statistics. We maintain strong Health
& Safety records due to the fact that we are
fully committed to HSE matters at each level
of responsibility.
Specifically, we foster integration of safety
in all levels of our corporate structure by
promoting the participation of managers
from all levels in the decision making
process of Health & Safety matters. We have
also established an HSE Committee which
meets on a bi-annual basis to review our
Health & Safety Management System in
order to make necessary enhancements and
to extend the application of identified best
practices across all our global operations.
We strive for the safety of our personnel in
every way possible. Another main point that
we are addressing is Road Safety. Through
research, pilot studies and investigating
the various operational and behavioral
challenges, we try to continuously improve
road safety on our sites. In 2012, our
reported number of road accidents shows
a 52 % decrease as compared to 2011.
This is mainly due to the stringent control
measures we have developed and enforced,
to mitigate all traffic and road accidents.
Consolidated Contractors Group S.A.L. | Sustainability Report 2012
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