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Since 2005, through our internal
Leadership Training courses, we
have been informing personnel
about the importance of
respecting human rights. As part
of the training sessions on
“CCC Culture and Values”
have incorporated tutorials on
the UN Global Compact principles
which embed respect for
human rights, stakeholders, the
environment and community. We
estimate that during 2012, 10.5%
of our In-House Training can
be considered as human rights
In the future, we aim to introduce
a new series of workshops
steered towards senior managers.
These sessions will assess
managers’ understanding of our
commitment to human rights and
what it means in practice.
Business &
Human Rights
As part of our
“Core Values
- Guiding Principles & Code
of Conduct”
we pledge our
support and respect towards
the protection of internationally
proclaimed human rights. Living
by our principles is vital and
remains an imperative part of our
culture. It calls for determination,
especially as our endeavors lead
us to challenging locations and
sensitive countries.
We constantly try to turn our
commitment to human rights into
actions: by offering employees
a safe and healthy workplace,
by avoiding child labor, by
implementing security measures
which will protect the rights of
the local communities where we
operate in.
In 2001, we joined the United
Nations Global Compact
initiative. We were one of the first
organizations to acknowledge
the request articulated by
the UN General Secretary Kofi
Annan, for the promotion of a
more sustainable and inclusive
global economy. Ever since we
have been actively committed
to support the Global Compact’s
ten principles and advance
them within our Group. We
have aligned our operations to
support human rights, labor, the
environment and anti-corruption.
Each year we submit to the Global
Compact our required annual
Communication on Progress
(COP) with an overview of how
we act upon each principle.
We support the
United Nations
Global Compact
Consolidated Contractors Group S.A.L. | Sustainability Report 2012
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