Sustainability Report 2012 - page 34

In formulating our culture, we combined
international human rights principles with
traditional family values thus creating an
atmosphere of safety, stability and compassion
for our employees. It is our core values which
incorporate trust, integrity, transparency,
humility, fairness, accountability, respect and
appreciation for employees-communities-
environment, that constantly reinforce our
As reflected in our 2012 Communication on
Progress Report for the United Nations Global
Compact, we embrace key principles of
human rights with regard to work ethics
and human resources. This ensures a
sense of sustainability, equal opportunities
and diversity for our staff and our operations
throughout the years. We consider these
principles of paramount importance to everyday
life and business.
Our belief is that adherence to these
fundamental values along with conscientious
rejections of any practices that contradict
them, guarantees that our further growth in
the years to come will continue to add value to
the communities where we operate and above
all to our employees. Our corporate culture
has matured and customized itself to the ever-
changing markets and conditions in order to
adapt with the times.
“Our company’s values, principles and culture
are not only exceptional among our competitors,
but also pivotal to CCC’s continuous progress and
resilience; for our success is a journey and not a
Human Resources
The human factor plays an intrinsic role in our
culture and business operations. Our long
established family oriented culture defines our
uniqueness and stimulates continuous attraction
of talented and highly qualified individuals from
all nationalities. Since our founding and despite
our expansion in both numerical and geographical
terms, we have always emphasized our distinct
family culture. The backbone of our culture is
the uncompromising commitment towards our
employees, clients, suppliers, subcontractors,
communities and future generations. Our
family culture creates a connection of loyalty
and belonging between the company and the
employees. It is this prevailing family atmosphere
that inevitably leads to an exciting, vibrant and
dynamic working environment, transcending our
company’s geographical spread.
Consolidated Contractors Group S.A.L. | Sustainability Report 2012
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