Sustainability Report 2012 - page 35

A primary pillar of our family culture is our
employees. We are devoted to our employees’ safety
and health, job security and welfare. Our employees
are our most valuable asset. The dedication and
professionalism of managers and staff represent
the fundamental basis required for achieving CCC’s
Our approach looks holistically at the employee,
by providing security, stability and development;
we believe this approach will ultimately secure our
employees’motivation and dedication. We are also
honored to say that we “walk the talk” by integrating
our values with our actions and behaviors thus
strengthening our family culture. These values
are embedded in all of our key people processes -
recruiting, staffing selection, talent management,
learning and development.
With regard to our employees, we emphasize
our core values and principles such as equal
opportunities and diversity, sustainability of
manpower and low staff turnover, honesty and
reliability, combined with constant attraction,
engagement and development of our staff
members. CCC is a second home to all CCC family
members. It is not only a workplace but a setting
through which the company manifests its long-term
commitment to its employees and their families, and
expects all employees to act as part of a big family,
adopting the CCC culture. Workforce commitment
is evident by the fact that our employees have been
with us for an average of 11 years. Even more, our
employees with exceeding 15 years of service form
31.5% of permanent staff. These delightfully long
periods of time, demonstrate that our employees
regard us more than just an attractive employer.
Consolidated Contractors Group S.A.L. | Sustainability Report 2012
CCC’s volunteer team at Special Olympics, Summer 2011, Athens Greece
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