Sustainability Report 2012 - page 36

We recognize that all employees must
receive equal opportunities in order
to maximize their development and
reach their full productivity. To ensure
that the principles of tolerance and
equality of opportunity are applied
in all our internal dealings, we have
also incorporated them in our Human
Resources policies and procedures.
In this way, successful diversity
management is facilitated throughout
the entire CCC group.
Human Resources
We have a long-standing practice of creating a
workplace that not only accepts differences but
values them as well. We place great significance
on the elements that make people different,
including age, race, gender, origin, and religion.
We consider these as well as the mixture of
languages, educational backgrounds and
mindsets to be the ideal basis for constructive
cooperation. Distinctions are made on the basis
of hard work, professionalism and fundamental
requirements of each particular employment
position (i.e. qualifications, skills acquired and
relevant work experience amongst others).
We also consider diversity as one of our
competitive advantages. A key aspect of this
competitiveness is our global and diverse
workforce that encompasses employees from
many different cultural backgrounds. Since the
initiation of CCC, we have completed projects
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