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for clients from different backgrounds and origins;
the goal is for our workforce to reflect this same
diversity. CCC boasts employees from more than
85 nationalities and 40 countries, comprising a
total of 110,000 strong workforce, working at
different locations and projects.
We have projects and activities in locations
worldwide, spanning the Middle East to Africa
and as far as to Papua New Guinea and Australia.
One fundamental part of our recruitment policy
has always been to recruit local staff. The data
accumulated during 2012, indicates that there is
clearly a trend towards hiring local employees,
particularly in certain countries where regional
personnel employed by CCC reached 65%.
To successfully carry out our business,
discrimination and racism are notions that are
not tolerated in our company’s environment. If
such instances occur, they are dealt with swiftness
and justice to all concerned. Behavior that is
unbecoming is not tolerated; preventative steps
are taken to resolve conflicts and issues that may
Our continuous commitment to our workforce
indicates that all staff is treated with dignity,
respect and transparency. Implementation of
international human rights, ideals and notions is
constantly revisited and communicated to all staff
on all levels. These policies lead to high employee
commitment and low employee turnover. Our
staff enjoys security and long-term benefits, which
leads to them staying longer in the company, thus
making our staff turnover quite low.
Our project mess halls cater to respect
staff ethnicities/religions and to
accommodate their different meal
requirements. This separation supports
and respects diversification in these
cultures, religions and ethnicities.
Our mess halls showcase a variety of
different types, forms and tastes of
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