Sustainability Report 2012 - page 42

Since the beginning, we have invested in our
employees, staying true to the belief that
they are truly our strongest asset. We consider
our staff an essential pillar of our continuous
success and sustainable growth. Our employees
are the stable foundation of CCC and must be
continuously developed to successfully tap
into their motivations, ambitions and needs.
Programs are designed and implemented in
order to reward star performers, foster creative
learning processes, and provide comprehensive
training and development.
Among our Career Development programs
are: the Graduate under Development (GUD)
Program; the Discipline Leaders Program;
the Future Construction, Control and Project
Leaders Program; the High Fliers Program, and
the Professional Development Program. Each of
these program requires a customized model to
cater for the needs of employees from technical
skills training, management training, and
leadership training.
We strive to attract the very best candidates
by offering a competitive salary and career
progression, a wide range of training and
development initiatives, as well as a defined and
methodical succession planning framework. We
aim to be “second to none” in our specialized
construction activities in addition to our overall
diversified business operations.
Human Resources
We have always regarded training as of utmost
importance to the development of our people, and
strive to always go one step further, compared to
other multi-national companies. Extensive training
workshops are held annually - mostly in house - by
qualified and certified CCC instructors and experts
(in Technical, Project Management, Leadership, IT,
Health, Safety and Environment, Quality topics,
etc.). In numerous cases, we have partnered with
renowned external training providers that have
proven records of excellence in a global business
environment (including INSEAD, University of Texas,
etc.), to offer our staff a higher level of specialization
whenever the need arises. The training schemes
we apply are flexible to allow our personnel to take
the courses that best fit their learning needs and
professional development aspirations.
We also aim to actively support our international
diversity targets by making sure that our training
courses are attended by a diverse group of
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