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We are an international diversified
construction company operating in many
countries. These countries maintain
varying political, value, and legal systems.
We are adamant that all our activities must
be performed with honesty, integrity and
in full conformity with the prevailing legal
regulations. Compliance undoubtedly is
significant to us; the challenge is meeting
the different regional requirements,
expectations and standards.
In 2000, based on the unique CCC Family
Values and an attempt to integrate our
global company, we established an initial
universal approach to ethics, integrity and
compliance. The CCC Core Values-Guiding
Principles-Code of Practice was then
revised in 2008, in light of the upcoming
60 years anniversary from the creation
of our company. Our Code of Practice
was developed as a unified foundation
of our Core Values. The objective is
to offer CCC employees guidance
on the responsibility they have
towards complying with the
law and internal company
regulations, underlining the
key rules of conduct applicable
to us. We expect all of our
employees to comply with its
The CCC Core Values-Guiding
Principles-Code of Practice has been
distributed as printed booklet to all
staff throughout our global operations,
and it can also be downloaded from
our corporate website. It is available
in English and in Arabic.
Our Code of Practice covers
internal dealings within
the organization as well
as external relations with
our business partners and
subcontractors. It also reflects our
ethical values. It clearly embraces
the ten principles of the UN Global
Compact, which we committed to
comply with in 2001.
Our Core
Code of
Consolidated Contractors Group S.A.L. | Sustainability Report 2012
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