Sustainability Report 2012 - page 59

• Birzeit University
One model case was realized in
collaboration with Birzeit University.
We have established a BIM (Building
Information Modeling) Center in Palestine.
This is meant to be a knowledge hub as
well as a showcase for the cooperation and
strategic partnership between
. The center provides a
variety of activities and opportunities
to students such as elective courses,
graduation projects (mechanical & civil),
summer trainings and interviews with
potential employers. Through our BIM
Center in Palestine we are engaged in
strategic activities, aiming to enhance the
students’ overall competencies. We also
aspire to provide students with career
advancement opportunities throughout
recruitment, training & development
Palestine BIM Center staff
Institutions that we have supported include:
• American University of Beirut
• Balamand University
• Lebanese American University
• Athens International Technology College
• Donation to Public School Libraries in UAE,
Palestine and Lebanon
• We donate to various schools in different
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