Sustainability Report 2012 - page 60

Recognizing that our employees are
our most important asset, we organize
internal CSR programs addressing
the needs and well-being of our
workforce. Our initiatives concentrate
on creating worldwide consistency and
empowering our employees towards
personal sustainability issues. Here are
some examples:
• First Aid Awareness Seminars in Athens
• Blood Donation
Regular Blood Donation Campaigns are
organized between different areas including
Greece, Qatar, Oman, UAE and others with local
Blood Banks and hospitals.
• Road Safety Awareness Program for the
Employees’ children
A genuine “learn through play” activity was
organized, to introduce children to the concept
of road safety. The children had the opportunity
to drive real, environmentally friendly junior-
sized cars, motorized by real engines. Through
the course, they learned how to identify and
react to traffic lights and zebra crossings, got
to know the various road signs and gained a
feeling for the flow of road traffic.
• Greek and Arabic Lessons for the
employees in Greece
In an attempt to promote intercultural relations
between the communities, we have been
holding Greek and Arabic language classes, for
CCC employees and their families.
• Green Office Programs
To fulfill our environmental responsibility we
have also applied significant measures to set up
a “Green office” philosophy in every area.
Consolidated Contractors Group S.A.L. | Sustainability Report 2012
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