Sustainability Report 2014 - page 19

• Establish a consistent & conformed system to
record actual fuel consumptions from all our
locations on a monthly basis.
• Develop monitoring KPI’s and use Business
Intelligence tools to reflect:
The effect of fleet disposal and renewal on
emission standards fleet population
Fleet utilization versus fuel consumption and
CO₂ footprint
• Introduce the concept of expected CO₂ footprint
during estimation studies. A virtual budget
allocation will facilitate future evaluation and
interpretation versus the actual data collected
as credit or debit.
• Focus on energy-saving attributes during new
equipment acquisitions. Priority given to low HP
ratings, low emission options, exhaust treatment
options and recyclable units/components.
• Reinvent our Fleet Management, by converging
operational technologies and IT for the
deployment of our in-house near-real-time
control systems (iFalcon) and IBM Asset
Management system (Maximo) to control timely
maintenance, repairs, job cards and spare parts
stocks and availability.
• Optimize job execution method statements
by using interactive tools between simulation
systems and real data monitoring (iFalcon).
• Capture through iFalcon the operational idle
time, and other deviations and relate them to
CO₂ emissions through Smart KPI’s.
• Emphasize on Operator Training Schemes.
• Expand the data collection process to capture
additional indicators.
• Introduce modular self-contained equipment
mobile wash bay units, with waste water
treatment and wash water recycling systems.
• Initiate advanced automation in the fuel
distribution process and control.
• Explore the usage of Dynamic Gas Blending Kits
on Power house generators.
• Investigate breakthrough systems (EcoVolt).
fuel efficiency
CCC Plant Department has this vision which is expected to be further developed and enriched throughout its
implementation. The target is to reduce our impact on the environment and the communities we serve while
completing the high quality projects we are renowned for.
Consolidated Contractors Group S.A.L. | Sustainability Report 2014
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