Sustainability Report 2014 - page 21

In 2013 we continued collecting water data in order to grasp the total water use
and the amount of water recycled and reused.
Considering that most of our projects are in remote areas where sewage infrastructure is inadequate, setting
up compact Sewage Treatment Plants (STP) has become vital. CCC utilizes Sewage Treatment Plants with
MBR technology across numerous projects to reduce the impact on fresh water resources. The high quality
effluent water produced is used instead for potable water for various tasks such as dust control, earthwork
construction, irrigation of landscapes and toilet flushing.
% of Effluent
Water Recycled
Muscat International Airport (Oman)
Qatar Faculty of Islamic Studies (Qatar)
Sadara CHEM III Hydrogen Peroxide Unit (Saudi Arabia)
The projects highlighted below have demonstrated outstanding percentages of waste water recycled in 2013
An approximated
cubic meter
of potable water are saved by CCC each year
Consolidated Contractors Group S.A.L. | Sustainability Report 2014
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