Sustainability Report 2014 - page 31

The MTB development program involves major
construction activities. To minimize the adverse
impacts of construction, TAV-CCC-Arabtec Joint
Venture (TCA JV), as the General Contractor for the
MTB construction program, is required to comply
with certain very stringent Sustainability and
Environmental Construction Specifications, that
in many cases go beyond the regulatory authority
standards as set by the Environmental Agency of
Abu Dhabi (EAD) and Estidama;
Key priorities of the MTB Construction Program
related to Sustainability:
A major environmental construction challenge has
been to meet the required 75% (as a minimum)
diversion rate of waste from landfills. By developing
a robust Construction Waste Management Plan, and
deploying over 100 employees on site to manage
the sortation, segregation and collection of waste
from site, TCA JV has to date achieved maintaining
the rate of 97% diversion from landfill.
Sustainability and Environmental
Training Program
ADAC made it a requirement for the MTB General
Contractor to design and implement a Sustainability
Training Program tailored to suit the scale of the MTB
Construction Program. The program developed by
TCA JV has been extended to train not only workers
and direct staff employed by TCA JV, but also all sub-
contractors and suppliers involved in the project.
To date 38,015 people have been trained under
the MTB Sustainability and Environmental Training
Human Health &Welfare
The requirement set by ADAC is for all worker’s
camp facilities to comply -as a minimum standard-
with Abu Dhabi Cabinet Decision no. (13) of 2009.
A directive issued to protect workers’ rights and
improve their accommodation standards. By setting
this minimum standard, high quality conditions have
been ensured covering not only accommodation,
but also personal hygiene areas, transportation,
provision of religious services, healthcare and
recreational activities. Additionally, formal protocols
have been established to facilitate communication
with site residents and other stakeholders, such as
the Workers’ Representative Committee and the
Workers’ Social &Welfare Program.
Despite the fact that this regulation is not effectively
enforced, TCA JV have worked actively and diligently
to provide workers with accommodation facilities
that exceed the minimum requirements; this is
monitored and demonstrated through regular
inspections and maintenance records.
So far, 90% of TCA JV on-site
workers are housed in camps
exceeding the accommodation
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