Sustainability Report 2014 - page 47

Human Rights & Our Business Partners
We subcontract certain of our operations to third party contactors, and we seek that
our business partners meet the same high standards as we set ourselves. We expect our
suppliers and subcontractors to obey all applicable laws and regulations related to health,
safety, environment, prohibition of child and forced labor as well as the payment of wages
in accordance with local regulations. We are committed to take necessary corrective
measures when our requirements related to the respect of human rights are not fulfilled.
Highlights of CCC’s commitment towards
the protection of internationally proclaimed
human rights:
• Supporting the United Nation’s Global
Compact principles.
• Following CCC’s Group wide: “Core Values-
Guiding Principles and Code of Practice”.
• Applying strict occupational safety, health
& environment policies & directives.
• Establishing Welfare Committees &
Grievance Mechanisms (mainly for project
• Encouraging a healthy work-life balance.
• Promoting training and skills development
for employees.
• Organizing Human rights awareness
training programs (as part of the “CCC
Culture & Values” training).
• Abiding with regional labor standards and
prevailing laws (as a minimum).
• Integrating human rights concerns into
business decision making procedures.
• Valuing diversity and equal employment
Consolidated Contractors Group S.A.L. | Sustainability Report 2014
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