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The path to viable sustainability needs persistent and
meticulous processes in order to become an integral part of an
organization and its employees’ behaviors and way of thinking.
It requires continuous engagement from staff at all levels and
the cultivation of a broad notion of sustainability in business
practices. CCC is committed to sustainable development
and all employees recognize the benefits for the business.
The HR department plays a major role in the three pillars
of sustainability (the social, economic and environmental),
instilling to all staff these notions and ensuring their perpetual
propagation and continuation.
Based on the above, the company’s HR department on the
one hand conducts staff training courses (for both local and
expatriate staff) in order to develop and enhance their skills
and on the other, gives these trained persons a trade for life.
As such, this contributes to the social aspect of sustainability
as it provides an unskilled employee with a trade which can be
capitalized on.
The satisfaction of the above pillar leads the skilled employees to
an improved financial status due to their newly acquired know-
how. This will help them to improve their standard of living as
they afford to improve their quality of life, their health care,
education of their children and overall well-being.
Through training propagation and career enhancement of staff,
these employees will have better prospects of employment
within and outside CCC, due to their improved skills/trades they
have acquired.
With regards to the environmental pillar, the HR department
covers various related topics in its training curricula for staff.
The pinnacle of environmental training introduced in CCC is the
Green Buildings, LEED and GSAS seminar which incorporates
environmental aspects in a variety of sectors such as HSE,
engineering, estimations, etc. The course introduces the U.S.
Green Building Council - LEED Standards (Leadership in Energy
& Environmental Design), Qatar GSAS & Abu Dhabi’s Estidama,
etc... These programs aim to raise awareness and create an
environmentally conscious and responsible culture across the
entire company.
As will be mentioned below, CCC Human Resources and Training
Department contributes to CCC‘s overall sustainability strategy
through the social, economic and environmental aspects that
are intrinsically linked to its scope of work and services. This
contribution takes place on the national level; company level;
and the individual level as explained below.
HRand theThreePillarsof
Social, Economic andEnvironmental
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