Sustainability Report 2014 - page 50

Human Resources
In every country we operate in, we strive to
add value to local communities as part of our
core values as we feel that giving back to these
communities will enhance and reciprocate our
We ensure to enhance the country’s local
content through focusing on training local
personnel in various areas.
CCC contributes to the local social welfare of the
communities where it executes its projects, by
assessing the needs of these locales and working
with key personnel to satisfy them. For instance,
the company contributes to local schools, roads,
hospitals, etc. either through voluntary work or
by financing some of these development plans that help to facilitate the company’s operations as well.
CCC projects acquire materials and consumables from local markets; by this the company creates job
opportunities for the local manpower. Subsequently, this improves the social welfare and boosts the
economy of the locality and the GDP of the country as a whole. These actions not only adhere to the social
aspects of sustainability but to the economic notions as well.
As a company we try our best to go beyond what is stipulated contractually, but adopt our philosophy
of sustainable development. We ensure that we consistently give a high percentage of work to the local
work force, not only to satisfy the countries labour laws, but to stay true to our ethos of encouraging and
improving these communities. We enrich the communities we operate in, and we can demostrate countless
examples of value being added.
Consolidated Contractors Group S.A.L. | Sustainability Report 2014
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