Sustainability Report 2014 - page 51

I used to work in a restaurant and played
football, and because I was good at it, I pursued
a career in football. However, during exercises,
my knee was injured and I had to have an
operation and do physiotherapy for a long time.
Unfortunately after this, I could no longer play
this sport. As a result, and because I had no other
profession to help myself and my family, we all
went through very difficult times.
While visiting a relative, he advised me to start
a vocational training course with CCC. As he
explained; CCC is an international and a great
company who appreciates good tradesmen.
So I enquired about the Company and heard
the same comments from other relatives. Thus I
applied to CCC and took a welding course in which thankfully I was one of the outstanding trainees. CCC then
sent me to Kazakhstan where I felt appreciated and earned considerable income. This improved my quality
and standard of life. Eventually I managed to buy a piece of land and a car back home. On complition of my
assignment in Kazakhstan I returned back to my country. I worked freelance for a local Firm with a good
income. I am now pursuing lifelong learning interests and currently studying English to keep improving and
excel in other areas.
I have a brother who because of the high cost of studying at the University had to abandon this. He then
started the same training course that I did and also excellent at it. Consequently, he joined the same firm as
mine and passed the welding test. He’s now managed to get a good job with a large company that earns him
a good salary. All this happened to my family because of CCC’s policy and I would really like to thank CCC for
all its efforts.
Consolidated Contractors Group S.A.L. | Sustainability Report 2014
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