Sustainability Report 2014 - page 54

Percentage of CCC Training offered to CCC
employees (This has economic and social
The graph shows the increase in this number
through the years (the sample starts from 2010).
The target is to keep the ratio10-11% of the staff
being trained yearly or improve on it.
Training on CCC Core Values and Human
Rights (this has social effects)
As a consequence of the above, the training on
CCC Core Values and Human Rights also increased
since it constitutes part of all CCC training
seminars. The target is for this is to continue to
form 10% of the Training hours.
Talent Attractiveness/Employee
Attractiveness (this has social and
economic effects)
The number of new applicants during 2013
was 36,304. This will be used as a base for
comparison for the coming years and an increase
in the number of applicants will show company
Number of CCC employees attending
Green Buildings Courses and with LEED
Certificates (this has social, environmental
and economic effects)
CCC is encouraging its employees to attend the
Green Buildings and LEED course offered in-
house and to get LEED certified. In 2013, more
than 300 employees participated in face to face
Green Building training classes, and 21 attendees
continued towards acquiring a USGBC certificate.
Human Resources
Currently the below KPIs are used
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