Sustainability Report 2014 - page 67

To simplify our risk prioritization and
mitigation approach, we sort our
corporate risks into external, internal
and strategic risks. Within internal
risks, we mainly look into our internal
processes: HR, preventing corruption
and other operational processes at the
corporate level. For external risks, we
look at a multitude of competitive risks,
and continuously evaluate changing
market dynamics. Within this category
we also consider all traditional risks,
such as political, economic and other
environmental risks that may impact our
We conduct regular risk workshops
involving senior staff and project directors,
and our findings and recommendations
are reported to the Board of Directors for
action approvals.
Our risk toolkit includes our own
iRisk software which was extended
to cover enterprise-wide and
corporate risks, currently being
tracked under our CiRisk toolkit.
These toolkits ensure consistency of
tracking and reporting, and allow
us to conduct both qualitative and
quantitative risk analysis.
Consolidated Contractors Group S.A.L. | Sustainability Report 2014
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