Sustainability Report 2014 - page 8

I am very pleased to present to you CCC’s second
Sustainability Report covering activities to date.
As highlighted in our first report, our Sustainability
efforts are fast becoming integral into our
corporate vision and values webbed in with a
unique culture of care towards our employees, the
society and the environment.
We can proudly say that we have completed the
inception cycle of Sustainability and now are firmly
in the institutionalization stage where we have
developed, embedded and implemented many
of the Sustainability themes that are applicable to
Contractors and captured many of the related KPI’s
in accordance with the GRI Guidelines.
As expected, the demand for Sustainability
implementations has gained more prominence
in our main domain of operations in the MENA
region. The new Abu Dhabi Airport Midfield
Terminal Building Airport Project stipulates regular
monthly reporting on Sustainability with very
stringent specifications on the Environmental,
Economical & Social constraints. KSA Riyadh Metro
a mega Design & Build project also will follow suit.
Samer S. Khoury
Consolidated Contractors Group S.A.L. | Sustainability Report 2014
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