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Beit Jala
Bethlehem in Palestine, is a city
outstanding universal value and spiritual
importance. Home to one of the most
sacred Christian sites in the world, the
Church of the Nativity built in 4th century
ADmarks the beginning of Christianity.
The church and the Star Road to it, have
been a pilgrim destination for the past
1700 and recognized by UNSESCO as
world heritage sites. Unfortunately, at
the same time Bethlehem is a site of
sensitive relations and tension which at
times has simmered over into violence.
As a result, Bethlehem’s current state
is that of a depressing provincial town
where most efforts to boost tourism have
been unsuccessful, unemployment is
increasing and the overall local economy
is considered fragile.
The late Mr. Said Khoury CCC’s Co-founder
and Chairman Emeritus, renowned for
his business acumen and his passionate
support of the Palestinian cause, was
saddened by the progressively worsened
state of the Church of the Nativity, upon
his visit to Bethlehem in 2012. Water was
leaking from the rooftop, threatening
to cause serious damage to mosaics
and other priceless items in the church.
The disappointing condition of this a
major Christian site triggered a heartfelt
personal undertaking for Mr. Said Khoury
who has been involved is almost every
initiative developed to support Palestine.
He decided to found the Bethlehem
Development Foundation (BDF)
together with a group of Palestinian
philanthropists. This non-profit
organization has launched the Bethlehem
Development Initiative (BDI), a multi-
million dollar plan to revitalize the old city.
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