Sustainability Report 2014 - page 85

Extensive works related to the renovation, development and upgrade of the existing structure on the
university campus.
The high-quality course is designed to promote the recognition, avoidance, and prevention of safety and
health hazards in the workplace. The curriculum is based on international standards and developed by
the Red Rocks Community College and the Rocky Mountain Education Center (RMEC), both in Colorado
and the latter being an OHSA (Occupational Safety & Health Administration) certified training institute.
The curriculum development process involved firstly, identifying the existing HSE standards applied in
the Middle East construction industry and then aligning these procedures with relevant international
standards such as OSHA, NFPA, BSC.
For the recruitment of the program’s instructors a meticulous procedure was followed. A professional
development pathway was created to prepare the instructor candidates suitably. It involved field exercises
for the candidates to gain the awareness of HSE procedures and assess job task hazards as well as design
and communicate safety management plans. After this, any necessary development of their IT or English
language skills took place, to be concluded with the completion of a focused course “Train the Trainers”
conducted by the RMEC instructors. Curriculum and “Train the Trainers” course is funded by a grant by the
Higher Education for Development (HED) and USAID of Washington, D.C. Curriculum.
Asaresultafirst-classHSEeducationalprogramhasbeendeveloped, settingthe
benchmarkfor formalHSEeducationintheMiddleEast.
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