Sustainability Report 2016 - page 19

Creating Local Value
CCC’s mega infrastructure projects apart from
increasing the standard of living for millions
around the world also have a socioeconomic
impact on the local communities. We are
committed to support the development of
local communities hosting our projects by
local recruitment, building regional business
relations, procuring local materials as well as
training and transferring expertise.
Our community engagement initiatives improve
job and education opportunities and contribute
to the local capacity in the long term. We
actively interact with diverse local suppliers
and subcontractors in accordance with projects
contracts. Our objective is for all our projects
and operations to integrate national content in
order to stimulate economic and social growth.
Our efforts to use local resources as much as
possible are indicated in the below statistics
referring to 2015:
• 34% of our suppliers and subcontractors were
locally hired
• 23.4% of our employees came from regional
• 20% of materials used were purchased locally
“Throughout the duration of our projects
we are committed to work closely with the
local communities and societies, contribute
to their economic development, offer
employment opportunities, utilize local
resources and support the enhancement of
their life quality.“
CCC Core Values, Guiding Principles and
Code of Practice.
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