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Consolidated Contractors Group S.A.L. | Sustainability Report
About this
Report and How
to Navigate it
This Sustainability Report covers CCC’s activities
that have been identified as being significant to our
business and stakeholders. We report on how we
manage these material aspects and focus on the years
2014 and 2015. CCC’s material aspects are presented
above. We are convinced that by managing these
aspects properly CCC’s successful and sustainable
future is safeguarded.
To define the report’s content CCC first considered
company mission and values as well as our
stakeholders interests. CCC’s stakeholders include
clients, employees, shareholders/owners, business
partners, suppliers/subcontractors, goverments,
industry organizations, civil society groups as well as
the local communities where we operate. We listen
closely to our stakeholders and aim to create and
distribute value as appropriate to them. Our online
platforms, feedback channels, everyday business
activities and surveys are just a few of the ways we
engage with our stakeholders.
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