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Consolidated Contractors Group S.A.L. | Sustainability Report
Fuel Management
Fuel management is fundamental to CCC’s activities.
In light of this, the company is moving ahead based
on a fuel economy strategic plan. Our strategy
includes: targeting basic plant department functions
such as new purchases, implementing high tech
solutions to improve efficiency and assembling
cloud based accurate and reliable data. This
approach is providing drastic improvements in
recording ability, auditability and accountability.
Hand Held Device
As a first step, CCC is utilizing hand held devices
for every fuel distribution point. Fuel attendants
use this to log in distribution data thus digitalizing
our fuel management system and facilitating the
development of fully automated fuel dispensing
systems. Hand held devices store the information
and export it when connected to a computer then
digital consumption reports are generated and fed
into our Asset Management system (IBM MAXIMO).
Advanced Fuel Dispensing System
One of the major advantages of this system is its
ability of communicating fuel consumption in real
time. CCC is developing a direct link between AFDS
and its Asset Management system to eliminate the
need for any human interaction when uploading
consumption figures. The AFDS will be submitting
four parameters to IBM MAXIMO: date, fuel
consumption, asset number and fuel in stock.
Real Time Monitoring System
The factor most relevant to CCC’s fleet sustainability
program is the availability of data monitoring: driver
behavior and vehicle location, performance and
maintenance. Tracking driving behavior is critical as
it may result in a 25% reduction of fuel consumption
in off-highway usage, as shown in published
research undertaken by the University of Michigan
in 2013. Additional information such as mileage,
working hours and idle hours are also measured
and stored. CCC has linked vehicle telematics to our
Asset Management System. Currently, the system
retrieves mileage and working hours automatically
from asset telematics without human intervention.
Asset Management System
A comprehensive asset life-cycle based
management system assists in minimizing capital
expenditures, operating expenses and maximizing
the useful life of an asset. In 2015, CCC started
utilizing IBM MAXIMO to optimize the performance
and management of corporate assets. This system,
apart from assisting in achieving sustainability
goals it improves the new asset acquisition process
by giving easy access to vital information on
assets performance such as fuel and lubricants
consumption, and break down rate.
CCC is committed to continue improving
fuel efficiency and embedding
sustainability into company culture.
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