Sustainability Report 2016 - page 38

Consolidated Contractors Group S.A.L. | Sustainability Report
As stated in CCC’s Sustainability Policy we aim
to ensure the protection of biodiversity when
conducting our business. Given CCC’s nature
of business, some construction contracts
are situated in ecologically important and
sensitive areas. In order to safeguard the
natural environment of such sites we apply
certain management systems and operational
practices. The specific measures applied are
clearly explained in CCC’s Project Environmental
Management Plan.
The impacts arising from construction works on
the surrounding habitats and their ecology are
mainly due to site clearance, vegetation removal
and establishment of permanent facilities.
Other impacts include: noise from construction,
general human activities and ecological effects
resulting from habitat fragmentation as well as
disturbance to migratory routes. When working
in ecologically important areas the primary
mitigation measure is avoidance based on pre-
construction surveys (if available), establishment
of buffer zones and installation of exclusion
fencing. We take particular notice in protecting
ecologically sensitive habitats declared as
such by responsible authorities or based on
Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA).
CCC is committed to conserving the
natural environment and biodiversity
around its projects.
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