Sustainability Report 2016 - page 39

A prime example of our efforts to protect
biodiversity is the development and
implementation of a Sensitive Habitat
Management Plan at CCC’s Khazzan Central
Processing Facility (CPF) project in Oman.
The main purpose of the plan was to provide
methods for protecting the surrounding habitats
during construction and operational works. Apart
from covering schemes such as tree planting,
site reinstatement and fencing the plan focused
on preventive measures for hazardous waste
discharge and oil spills.
Another example is that of the MTB project in
Abu Dhabi, UAE. A project-specific environmental
management plan was prepared in order to
protect, conserve and reduce the impacts on
the surrounding ecological habitats at the site.
The plan has classified the project’s impacts
based on a previously compiled EIA study that
elaborated all possible environmental damages
that might prevail from the project. This
included possible effects and suitable mitigation
measures in order to preserve the existing flora
and fauna of the area.
CCC’s efforts to protect biodiversity
at Khazzan Central Processing Facility
(CPF) project in Oman.
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