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Consolidated Contractors Group S.A.L. | Sustainability Report
Green Solutions
Integrating Sustainability
In line with our sustainability policy, we aim to
integrate sustainability in all our operations.
Our business as a construction company falls under
three main categories:
Project Development
• When we operate either as the main
property developer or as part of a Public
Private Partnership (PPP). In this context, we
have the greatest opportunity to maximize
sustainability outcomes, as we can set relevant
targets in the early concept stages. We are
empowered to benefit from the principles
of sustainable construction by proactively
reducing our environmental impact and
decreasing maintenance and operation costs.
As an example, we build CCC’s head office in
Oman according to the standards of green
design and technology and achieved a LEED-
2009 certification.
Design & Build Contract
• Under this type of contract we translate
the client’s requirements into project
specifications. We still maintain an opportunity
towards contributing to sustainable
development at a reasonably low cost by
offering smarter design solutions to optimize
Build Contract
• In this situation, CCC’s involvement as a
main contractor begins after the design
phase has been settled. At this point, our
influence in pursuing sustainability solutions
is limited. Whilst carrying out our construction
operations we implement numerous
environmentally friendly initiatives that are in
keeping with our commitment to sustainability.
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